Change in Management of Tectareal Property Management GmbH

Gertrud Wesemeyer and Roland Lass have been Managing Directors of Tectareal Property Management GmbH since October 2018.


Their outstanding expertise in the operative business guarantees our customers unique, holistic support in asset and property management. The directors have particular expertise in the area of commercial and technical property management. In the future, they will align Tectareal even more to the current specialisation. This applies both to special types of use and to holistic, property-specific support concepts that increasingly place responsibility in the hands of property management service providers.


Both directors attach great importance to working in a team, and to including those who are closest to the customer - and thus to the market - in the decision-making process. This is the only way to create support models that tenants in particular perceive to be harmonious.

Maintaining a constant dialogue with tenants and customers helps keep an eye on issues, in order to be able to offer the decisive additional value for a property.


Gertrud Wesemeyer, born in 1964, real estate clerk, has been a senior executive at Tectareal since 2009. She is a sought-after contact, especially for support concepts for regulated real estate products. Ms. Wesemeyer not only knows which specific processes are decisive for successful property management from the helicopter perspective, but also the determining factors for achieving the greatest benefit.


Roland Lass, born in 1962, graduated in architecture, has been working as a senior executive for Tectareal since 2007. He is particularly interested in the continuous

development of technical property management, including all accompanying elements. His focus is on operator responsibility and facility management control. Mr. Lass appreciates the great potential of IT-supported tools for high-quality technical property management. Roland Lass is a lecturer for Real Estate Management at the West Coast University of Applied Science. He also teaches the main areas of Facility Management and Construction Engineering at the bbw University of Applied Science Berlin-Brandenburg.