Essen, 05th December 2016: Promising Investments Growth field for nursing homes - A market with different rules

Germans are getting older and this goes hand in hand with the continually growing demand for care facilities. The extreme dynamics in the field of the "nursing homes" asset class can be illustrated using some figures. In 2016 alone, more than € 2 billion have already been transacted for nursing homes to date. By 2030, an additional up to 300,000 nursing places will be needed. It does not take a lot of imagination here to recognize the importance of the ever-growing nursing home market for investors.

Important factors have to be taken into consideration so that nursing homes become a successful model for investors. We have bundled our experience in the field of nursing homes in order to utilize development potential for our customers and investors.

  • The specific technical requirements in the context of the rent / leasing models here in particular demand qualified answers on the portfolio holding side. Selecting the "right" operator and the ongoing management of facilities are among the most important success factors.
  • The owners of nursing homes must meet essential requirements to assume responsibility for the business operation. With the transfer of all of the inspection obligations and operator obligations required for the property over to the owner according to the Operational Safety Ordinance of 2003 and the ongoing amendment, these must be carried out independently to avoid far-reaching and personal liability risks or must be delegated to third parties in a legally-secure manner. This requires the utmost attention be paid to the portfolio holder side. We can help you here.
  • An interesting product is currently being developed on the market. The property management is taking over the M (management) from facility management. In doing so, M purchases the actual facility services and coordinates these.

As an expert in the field of nursing homes, we offer tailor-made solutions for your real estate or your portfolio. These include:

  • FM audit for existing contracts
  • Consulting services to optimize your own administration
  • FM tenders taking into account the specific requirements for nursing homes, including regulation of the operator's responsibility
  • Sales and purchase control through our sister company Care Real
  • Asset and PM client acquisition with own asset company (Care Real) and specialized PM teams
  • Operator concepts with takeover of the "M" for FM by management of the facility services

We have already passed on our experience in the field of nursing homes to professional audiences at various events. Two lectures were held by Tectareal at EXPOREAL 2016, for example. In addition, we were able to present our concepts at the specialist conference for nursing homes at the invitation of Heuer Dialog. As part of our university cooperation currently being implemented, we were able to demonstrate our expertise in the management of nursing homes during the lectures. The demand remains unchecked.