Essen/Munich, 21st March 2019: Tectareal and Wealthcap form strategic partnership

A strategic partnership starting on 1 May 2019 will see Essen-based Tectareal Property Management GmbH join forces with Munich company Wealthcap.


Wealthcap, one of the largest asset managers in Germany, has decided to outsource its property management to two external service providers. Tectareal has been awarded one of these contracts and will manage Wealthcap’s south-east portfolio, which is comprised of 22 properties. The company will also manage a special portfolio of 79 properties distributed across Germany.


Among the most prominent Wealthcap properties managed by Tectareal are the Ten Towers complex and the Central Bus Station in Munich (ZOB). A total rental floor space of more than 1.25 million sqm will pass into the professional care of Tectareal.


“We are delighted to have been entrusted with this prestigious property portfolio”, says Getrud Wesemeyer, Managing Director of Tectareal, “and to have earned the trust of an important new customer. Coming out on top in a tender like this one and to work as partners in preparing the foundation for our future success is something that gives us tremendous motivation”.