Essen, 17th April 2018: Tectareal manages Cologne Zollstock Arkaden

Tectareal Property Management GmbH, headquartered in Essen, took over commercial and technical property management of Cologne's Zollstock Arkaden effective 1 February 2018.

The Zollstock Arkaden is the local supplier for Zollstock and the surrounding areas. Built in 1991, the compact shopping arcade with a total floor space of around 15,000 square metres features everything one could need for everyday life. A total of 5,700 square metres are available for retail, as well as approx. 3,500 square metres for office space. Tectareal is also responsible for leasing 77 apartments and 246 parking spaces here.

Gertrud Wesemeyer, member of Tectareal management, places a focus on special requirements for property management: “We are pleased to be able to bring our expertise in the retail segment to the table for this mixed leasing clientele.”