12th July 2016 - Interview with Dr. Hubert Bock, CEO of vincitag AG, and Mario Liebermann, managing partner concerning retrospect, development and future plans of Tectareal

vincitag has been a partner of Tectareal for exactly two years. Are you satisfied with your investment?

mario liebermann thumbnail mario liebermann thumbnailOur managers and employees have done great things in the last two years. This shows us that we made the right decision with the acquisition of Tectareal. We do not think in traditional investment patterns. Our goal with the acquisition was to position a genuine medium-sized property manager on the market that stands out positively from the group-characterized competitors. In this way, we have made a big step forward.


How has the company developed during this time from your perspective?

mario liebermann thumbnail mario liebermann thumbnailAfter detaching Tectareal from the HOCHTIEF Group, the company has undergone an extremely positive development. We had hoped for this, but it was by no means certain that Tectareal would improve its economic base so significantly. This was associated with a comprehensive cultural change, which is still not complete to this day. The arms of a large corporation promise first and foremost security and stability, at least as long as business is booming. As a medium-sized company, which Tectareal is today, other aspects suddenly became important: quick decisions, consistent orientation towards customer benefits and getting rid of all activities that offer no added value. This is all easier said than done, but these things had to be implemented by the management team and employees nonetheless. From our perspective, most of the employees brilliantly mastered this challenge in a very short period of time. And the results can be seen clearly. Today, Tectareal has a higher customer rating than it did two years ago, despite its limited staff. Certainly it also helped that it is more fun to work at a company that generates positive results and therefore to be part of a success story. Whether in sports, at school or at a company, nothing is more motivating than success.


What strategic significance does Tectareal have for vincitag?

mario liebermann thumbnail mario liebermann thumbnailWith Tectareal, we have set up a third service pillar within vincitag, which we want to systematically develop and expand just as we have our other business fields. There are larger overlaps and synergies between the individual pillars that we want to unlock in the long term. This is also a task that is easier to scribble down on paper than implement in practice. With our three pillars, technical building services, energy efficiency and recovery as well as real estate management, we are very well-positioned and can and will continue to expand these business fields further. In all three areas, technology is our core competence, which sets us apart from other competitors. Technology has always been the driver of innovations. Value creation occurs here and customer benefits are improved. Yield based on innovation. And Tectareal fits excellently into our overall strategy in this respect.


What plans do you have with Tectareal?

mario liebermann thumbnail mario liebermann thumbnailWe still see tremendous development potential for Tectareal, with respect to our competences in technology, our regional presence and our breadth and depth of services. We are seeing particular development in the latter within the growth segment of digitization. The opportunities are virtually unlimited in all areas. This makes it so exciting and interesting for us to continue to develop this company in the long term. Of course, we have to find our own individual path and we have to be more creative than competitors who are tied to major companies and therefore often have more financial resources. But it is precisely this that makes things all the more exciting. We are therefore appealing to self-conscious employees who think along the same lines as us and who want to implement their ideas quickly, independently and in a target-oriented way.