Investing & selling

Due diligence process

Are you interested in acquiring or selling property in Germany? We can help you.

We are specialists when it comes to managing portfolios. Whether you want to buy or sell property. We analyze your real property and give you a realistic picture of the risks, yields and costs you can expect. We use our extensive experience in portfolio management for reviewing the real property you are selling or purchasing.

You receive a customized and individualized analysis which can factually support your decision-making.

We can also naturally assist you in the selling process of your property by monitoring the entire due diligence process.

Our procedure

  • Step 1 - Evaluation

    The first evaluation of the general, structural and technical condition of your property. The results of the structural condition are documented and the first recommendations for action are made. This first step is enormously time and cost-efficient. Your benefits: Should points come up which might be critical, you can already undertake action to withdraw from the purchasing process at this early point.

  • Step 2 - Review

    Review of the structural and general technical condition of the building as well as the status of the building permits for your property. Our own architects and engineers then determine the extent of investment needed and prepare a corresponding budget and business plan. Reviewing existing service documentation (e.g., maintenance reports) and assessing the condition and risk of a building by our own architects, structural engineers and technicians is part of our scope of services.

We manage your entire process

Business review of

  • Property and lease information (completeness, currentness, correctness)
  • Allocation potential for ancillary costs
  • Potential for rent adjustments

The results are given to you in the form of a summary report which transparently presents your potential yield and cost risks and offers further suggestions for action.

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