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Flexible solution approaches

Real estate abroad can enrich a property portfolio. It increases product attractiveness and provides opportunities for optimizing risk management. The prerequisite for success is uniform data collection and standardized reporting in order to recognize and use the potential of a property abroad. Tectareal is a specialist in the area of international property.

All of the information collected from the local property managers abroad are centrally merged and then standardized according to your specifications and made available to you.

We deliver numbers, information and facts in a standard form which allows comparisons and serves a basis for a compact reporting system that can be used for managing your portfolio.


Culture shock abroad

  • We guarantee timely data reporting with assured quality, such as in your SAP system, for seamless workflows. This basis then is used to generate the needed reports. The exact detail and type of reports to be generated by the system are determined in coordination with you.

    Benefits for you: One of our core competences is handling and updating all of the different versions of the SAP system. Our own business management department is responsible for this.

  • Numbers, information and facts need to be available fast and specifically when needed. With our familiarity of foreign property management, we can assist local property managers with their controlling. Standardized reporting corresponding to client specifications relieves property managers and guarantees the necessary bi-directional flow of information.

    Benefits for you: Tectareal has many years of experience in the data collection related to the tasks of foreign property portfolio managers.

  • It is important to know about cultural differences and to actively use them when communicating with foreign business partners. Knowledge of other languages is helpful here and makes implementing the tasks easier. Tectareal sees itself as a mediator which can operate between local PM abroad and the requirements of legal provisions which govern investments in a professional way.

    We use a delicate touch when communicating the necessity of the processes to the foreign property managers. Active controlling and communication are our success factors.

    Benefits for you: Tectareal has employees who know the thresholds of culture and language barriers based on their own professional experience.



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