Property portfolio management

We manage your property

We offer a broad range of services covering all aspects of property management so that your portfolio is professionally developed. Including strategies for real property, rental management, construction and project controlling, accounting and much more. You can learn more about our service range in the following pages.

Overview of our services

  • Strategies for real property

    To optimally develop the value of your portfolio, we offer various recommendations for improving performance and return on investment.

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  • Management of real property

    We act on your behalf towards tenants, authorities and investors and are thus the first point of contact for all topics concerning your property.

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  • Lease management

    To earn good return on investment, property owners need satisfied tenants.

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  • Controlling & reporting

    A basis for planning on which controlling, development and maintenance measures can be decided.

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  • Residential Management

    Developing and increasing the added value chain for your residential property is the focus of our efforts.

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  • Subcontractor oversight

    Increasing the value of a real property is closely linked to an optimal management concept.

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  • Asset Management

    We assist you in the maintenance of your asset value and in identifying potential for increased yield.

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  • Accounting

    We apply the highest level of diligence and transparency and automatically incorporate all statutory regulations and specifications in our work.

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  • Property management audit

    We identify uncovered operating or vacancy risks early and then use this to create a perfect information basis for your property strategy.

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  • Construction & project management

    Tectareal Property Management offers you professional solutions for planning and realizing all construction requirements, such as rental extensions and remodels.

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