Property Management Audit

Leverage profitability potential

This module enables us to accurately determine potential in your portfolio and identify and leverage your profitability potential.

We identify uncovered operating or vacancy risks early and then use this to create a perfect information basis for your property strategy.

Property management audit is independent of any contract award for the property management service. Our success-oriented remuneration model has shown that you benefit in all cases.

Review modules

  • The technical operation of property is a cost factor that should not be underestimated, and errors here frequently lead to not insignificant liability risks for owners.

    The facilities management review module analyzes the existing operating and awarding concepts and then develops recommendations for minimizing risk. In addition, we review the existing service contracts and remodeling budgets for profitability and market conformity.

    Beside the significant reduction of liability risks, very large potentials for savings are routinely found during the facilities review which can usually be rectified quickly and lead to significant relief for the tenant and property owner.

  • A tenant is the foundation for the profitable success of your property. Leasing contracts for commercial spaces, however, are just as individual as the buildings used for leasing. There is a myriad of rental contract templates and structures, a very uneven degree of professionalism in the administrative implementation of the leasing processes as well as continuous changes in the body of laws relevant to the contracts. This makes both long-term rental income planning and estimating contractual risks difficult.

    The results of this module routinely uncover invalid maintenance (including cosmetic repairs) and remodeling provisions as well as invalid value guarantee clauses and restrictions of tenant rights to reductions or increases in rent, missing set-off exclusions and lack of written form clauses.

    Based on the recommendations for action from this audit model, current leases can be renegotiated for risk prioritization, errors rectified with amendments or appropriate evaluation of the risks undertaken in the profitability statements and business plans.

    Please note that we can only provide a legal audit of leases in connection and combination with our commercial property management audit.


  • The profits and costs volume of your portfolio is determined by numerous factors such as occupancy, location, building type and technical amenities. Another important, but often neglected, factor is having transparent and current data and file positions.

    This is where our business audit module takes on files, data and billing. We create clarity for you regarding the current status of rent adjustment possibilities, expirations and renewal options as well as security in the preparation of heating and operating cost billing.

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