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Flexibility is standard with us

As a full-service real estate agency, we offer you individually-tailored services in addition to the traditional real estate property management portfolio. And we do that for every type of use, whether you intend to use your property for office, residential, commercial, hotel or logistics purposes. In this way, you always get precisely the range of services you really need.

Commercial property management

Technical property management

Due diligence

Property controlling

Focus on your revenue

Commercial and technical property management

The combination of commercial and technical property management is the basis for ensuring stable value retention for your properties and increasing your revenue.

Our service portfolio covers the entire spectrum of modern property management and is individually tailored to your needs.

Commercial property management

The foundation of real estate

In order to secure and increase the returns on your real estate investment, professional commercial property management is important.

Regardless of whether you only want property accounting and service charge billing or standardised reporting, we will put together an individual service package for you. This will be tailor-made according to your requirements and goals so that you only pay for what you need. Talk to us. We’ll be happy to advise you!


Partial services in the field of commercial property management:

  • Property accounting
  • Operating cost and service charge billing
  • Financial, asset and rental accounting
  • Reporting
  • Property cost planning
  • Budgeting
  • Contract management
  • and much more


Reporting and standardised processes

Security with the right overview

Professional reporting and standardised processes complete our commercial real estate management package.

We have an in-depth understanding of statutory regulations and German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) rules. We always issue timely and professional reports that meet the highest quality standards and which are also SOX-compliant if required.

We provide you with a professional real estate IT platform (SAP RE-FX) with an integrated data warehouse and we are also able to use all other commonly-used IT management platforms.

If you wish, we can also enter and maintain the data directly on your own Real estate systems.

Optimise letting processes

Find tenants that are the perfect match for your property

We manage the entire letting process for you, including preparation of the exposé, organising visits and carrying out credit checks. We take care of all the details!

In doing so, we always have your owner interests in mind and demonstrate the tact and sensitivity needed to find the right tenant.

Especially for commercial properties, a broker needs good knowledge of local conditions and specialist know-how: which tenant not only meets the creditworthiness requirements but also suits the property in the long term? Our aim at all times is to achieve low tenant turnover.

Tenant management

The secret lies in communication

Satisfied tenants are an essential prerequisite for generating a good return on your properties. For this reason, we consistently seek to optimise existing tenancies.

We take tenant concerns seriously and try to reconcile them with owner interests. Our property managers carry out regular analyses and, if necessary, contact tenants directly.

In addition, we review the rental agreements and optimise them if necessary. Any necessary tenant improvements are managed in full by us and professionally carried out by our specialists.

Technical property management

Maintaining and increasing the value of your property

Technology is our passion: our specialists in technical property management are therefore fully committed to controlling the entire process of infrastructural management.

Buildings are subject to constant change depending on their age, materials and vibe. We continuously check properties with respect to their functionality, energy standards, statutory requirements and furnishing.

We offer professional solutions for the planning and realisation of integrated constructional requirements, e.g. tenant extensions and conversions.

From the planning phase to acceptance, we manage your new construction, modernisation, renovation and conversion measures and ensure that all interfaces are harmonised. In each of our five regions, an experienced team of architects and engineers is at your disposal and this team is in direct contact with the property managers at your properties.


Our internal Tectareal Real Estate Management System, TIM, helps us to optimally equip your property and to guarantee a perfect overview of the cost structure, warranty management and maintenance intervals for each property. In this way you always benefit from the highest level of security in the construction and cost process.

Partial services in the field of technical property management:

  • Tender, awarding and management of construction projects
  • Review of maintenance and service contracts and optimisation of contracts and cost benchmarking
  • Warranty management
  • Control of the recurring tests
  • Regular property inspections
  • Control of the service providers
  • and much more

Technical facilities management

Intelligent building technology for your property

As a property management provider, we can also offer you technical facility management. How? Thanks to our unique position within the Vincitag GmbH corporate network, we’re able to offer the full range of building services/technical building management services in cooperation with our sister company, the Käuffer Group, on request. This group has 750 employees throughout Germany.

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It is not about WHAT, but HOW!

Our PM quality promise to you:

  • to be an equal partner
  • absolute transparency in communication
  • standardised exchange of data across different platforms
  • owner representation according to your interests

Selling and investing

Due diligence process

Do you want to buy or sell a property in Germany?

If so, let us help you!

Why? Because we’re the experts when it comes to portfolio management. Whether you want to buy or sell real estate, we will analyse your property and give you a realistic picture of the expected risks, income and costs. We also contribute our extensive experience in portfolio management when examining the properties you’re interested in purchasing or selling.

You will receive a customised, individual analysis that will give you a sound basis upon which to make your decision.

The advantage for you: we oversee the sales process for your property by monitoring the entire due diligence process. Are you interested?

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Standardisation of your data

Property controlling

Do you own real estate abroad? If so, we can help you recognise and exploit the potential of an overseas property. Tectareal is a specialist in the field of comparable reports for international real estate and offers standardised data collection and a uniform reporting system.

At our company, all the property data from the local property managers based abroad is collected centrally. The data is then standardised and made available to you.

We provide comparable facts, figures and data as the basis for a compact reporting system that enables you to manage your portfolio.

Don’t ignore any unused potential… let Tectareal to help you make the most of it instead!

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Consulting and special topics

Even more individuality through flexibility

Not every requirement can be assigned to a specific standard service because solutions arise from individual problems. Extraordinary solutions are created when a requirement meets a high degree of flexibility. That is why we act as your equal sparring partner. You can find us wherever people, real estate and processes meet.

Talk to us and let us design your individual future model together!

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