Have you ever considered ESG?

Why ESG is important!

ESG – What is it?

Company evaluation according to social and ecological criteria

ESG criteria make it possible to compare countries, companies or financial product providers by evaluating their commitment to “sustainability” with regard to the environment (Environment), social issues (Social) and corporate governance (Government).


ESG Illustration

Verifiable criteria are defined for each of these points. This should make it easier for investors to classify companies according to their sustainability performance.

Is ESG mandatory?

Yes, from 2025!

The EU Commission’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) makes ESG reporting mandatory for certain companies from 2025. To prepare for this, all companies should address ESG as soon as possible.

Focus on the criteria

What does ESG stand for?

E is for Environment
Assessed are energy efficiency and CO2 emissions, but also features such as environmental pollution, biodiversity and water consumption.


S is for Social
Emphasis is placed on topics such as health protection, occupational safety, diversity, as well as the company’s social and community involvement.


G is for Governance
Refers to the company’s management and control processes, managerial accountability and transparency.

Our know-how is your guaranty

ESG - Important criteria for investors

We assist you with your ESG strategy

The 2021 Disclosure Regulation / EU Taxonomy requires investors and building owners to comply with ESG principles. This affects our clients’ entire service chain.

To meet the ESG guidelines, we help our clients to record and assess data on their properties and the properties’ service providers in a reliable and legally compliant way. Your concerns are our daily business.


Bottom line:  Simple and fast! As a property manager, we have all object data of our existing clients. We can therefore correctly gather our clients’ actual condition in accordance with ESG requirements. Our ESG expertise makes us a strong partner for other owners and investors as well.

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Do you know your ESG key figures?

Our carbon footprint:
Leading by example

We live and breathe ESG. In doing so, we are empowering our customers to achieve ESG-compliant transparency in their own performance chain.


Tectareal ESG commitment at a glance


We stand for sustainability

Our carbon footprint is below the average value of the CRREM target value for the existing building.


What are the CRREM values?

The Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) offers the real estate industry practical ways to save CO2 and energy. Aligned to the Paris climate goals, they aim to limit global temperature increases.


The Conclusion: We want to contribute to the climate goals.


We stand for equal rights

Our employees:

59.8 % Female
40.2 % Male


Our managers:

52% Male
48% Female



Modern work
Mobile working and respectful interaction are our business as usual.


Training and shared decision-making are in our DNA



  • Reduction of business trips
  • Video conferencing


We stand for authenticity

  • Transparent and open corporate communication
  • Flat hierarchies
  • Diversity
  • Modern property management with clear rules
  • Dual control principle

„The goal, and also my great wish, is that we achieve the energy transition in the real estate industry together. Focused ESG collaboration with our customers is paramount.“

Christian Redegeld,
B.A.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management
M.Sc. Energy, Building and Environmental Management

Your key to success

Our ESG–
services at a glance

We offer our clients a holistic ESG analysis with priority setting and recommendations for action.

Your jump start:

Strategy Consulting

We support you with your ESG strategy. From the implementation of taxonomy or fund specifications to climate risk assessments for specific properties.

Your overview:

ESG inventory analysis

We perform detailed building assessments and sustainability analysis for your property with a focus on ESG and carbon savings.

Your security:

Subsidy management

We take over the management and implementation of subsidies for measures around your property.

Your advantage:


We support you in the auditing, assessment and attainment of various certifications, such as BREEAM and DGNB.

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